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Backoffice Accounting - a powerful strategy

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Are you facing difficult times that require you to focus much more on your core business?

Is your accounting backlogs piling up? 


 ·  Bring that focus back to your core business for growth and profitability.  


 ·     Save your time and cost on non core functions while maintaining quality levels.


·       Keep your accounts updated at all times.


·       Outsource all your routine and non-core backoffice accounting, bookkeeping functions and gain that competitive edge.


·   Maximize your business profits, save costs through outsourced accounting services. 



  • Finance and Accounts outsourcing services. 
  • Processing General Ledger, payables, receivables.
  • Account reconciliation & analysis.
  • Payables and receivables management.
  • Outsourced vendor bills processing services.
  • Provide management timely reports.
  • Generate accurate financial information.
  • Payroll processing services
  • Provide client all backoffice accounting support.
  • We work with  QuickBooks, Yardi, Sage Business Works.
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, cash flow.
  • Job Costing, project accounting for construction projects.
  • Property Management, delinquency reports using Yardi.

Please email us your requirements for Back Office Accounting work at or fill up the form below with your requirements and we will contact you.

Offshore Outsourcing of Finance and Accounting functions is about quality and value addition at a reduced cost. This is most important for survival in these turbulent times. You will need to devote much more time to core business functions and let the non core functions like accounting be handled by professionals who will ensure that these areas are not neglected.

Finance and Accounts Outsourcing involves a great deal of thought. One should not be spurred simply by expectations of rapid cost reduction. The new mantra of offshore outsourcing  is quality solutions. The most common reasons management chooses to outsource certain business processes are :-

  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Improve company focus,
  • Improve quality,
  • Increase capabilities not otherwise available,
  • Reduce cycle time,
  • Clear backlogs without additional resources,
  • Focus on core business,
  • Off-load non-core functions,
  • Reduce Operating & Overhead costs
  • Increase profitability.

When finance and accounts processes are off-shored, companies not only get the advantage of low cost but also experience improvement in productivity and quality. These are the reasons that should motivate offshore outsourced accounting. Outsource your Finance and Accounts and focus on what you can do best - business development for greater profitability.

One of the biggest challenges accounting firms face today is how to go about their outsourcing, no matter how complex outsourcing might sound, and it is not that difficult. The biggest advantage that accounting firms have when it comes to outsourcing is that there is very little that has not been done before, many firms have probably outsourced before, and more often than not they would have faced the same problems. The same applies for CPAs if you are a CPA and have more work then you can handle, then the right time is now.

The most important parameter behind successful outsourcing relationships is that of committment and trust. The outsourcing company has access to important information on every client's business. Based on these informations, the service providers build up necessary processes to run the client's operations smoothly so that all delivery targets are met and quality norms fulfilled. Outsourcing is a long term commitment and is a key factor behind successful relationships. Our focus is to provide clients a very stable outsourced base which is trusted, reliable and efficient. Your accounting is our responsibility. 

We provide quality professional accounting services from India at highly competitive rates. We specialize in servicing small to medium sized CPA firms as well as small and medium businesses. We are a true outsourced accounting service providing the highest level of accounting and book keeping expertise and access to the latest technologies. We believe even routine accounting and bookkeeping functions deserve special treatment. Our aim is to reduce the burden of critical non-core accounting functions by outsourcing them in a more efficient, productive, and profitable manner. By doing so, we seek to enhance the business performance of our customers.

We do online accounting, bookkeeping by remotely accessing client servers over internet. All input documents are scanned and sent to us over email or uploaded  by the clients to dedicated servers. Thereafter, we update your ledgers and generate various MIS including receivables reports, overdue payables report, accruals report and others as per the requirements arising from time to time. We ensure strict adherence of client time targets and  quality requirements.

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